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What is Sex Coach?

SEX COACH (noun): Offers insight into how clients can improve their sex lives and overcome erotic barriers.

Most people have some form of difficulty and challenges surrounding sexuality that they need to work through. My job is to create a safe space in which people can talk about sex—their fantasies, their traumatic experiences, their insecurities, their fears—without shame.

I help all my clients figure out what they want sexually and then make roadmaps to get there: Sex Coach is an online option, and based on conversations, I develop an actionable plan and sends with assignments to complete between sessions. Many of these involve breathing techniques (to practice mindfulness and relaxation), and controlled genital touching (to help the client explore their body, and what turns them on.)

Sex Coach is intended for those who would like to understand more about their own sexuality, the body as an inexhaustible source of energy, types of orgasm, body awareness and genital reflexology and how to build the path to orgasm step by step.

For example, I can work with a man/woman who doesn’t know the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. In an introductory session, this client would answer questions about his trajectory of self-knowledge and body awareness.

I teach this man by example how to track his arousal cycle and offer effective step-by-step methods; the man would then practice on his own, and once she got to know her body a little better, we can incorporate the client’s needs during sex with a partner, or else, tantric massage is the next way.

What may I offer to my clients?

benefit 1

Personalized information and education on sexuality​

benefit 2

Redirective cognitive process and mental reframing;

benefit 3

Emotional balancing and behavioral training;

benefit 4

Resources and referral management

Let’s set your desire and achieve your sexual satisfaction goals for sexual fulfilment, you don’t need to worry, is not talk therapy.

We don’t need to look back in the stumbles and falls in the life.

Instead, I’ll take your hand, guides and empowers you, and points you need to express your dreams. With a focus on future results, sex coaching is a process, not an event. It involves not just talking, but also accessing your emotions, practising a variety of specific exercises, performing household chores activities to do alone or with a partner, reading, watching videos, writing, and, above all, dare to change.

How does sex coaching work?

In treating sexual concerns, five basic areas must be discovered, addressed, unblocked, and then aligned. For most people, all five elements must be in alignment for sex to be fulfilling. The areas are:



Information. Self-talk, thoughts about sexual performance, capacity for fantasy, and troubling thought patterns, such as compulsivity.

self image


Physical. A person's knowledge of how her own sexual pattern works, understanding of her own body's sexual architecture and function, acknowledgment of her own sexual (dys) functions, and learning skills for how to be a successful lover alone or with a partner.



The essence of self. Esoteric moments or practices that transcend the moment (such as peak orgasm experiences), sacred sexuality, the more subtle and delicate manner in which people deny or reflect their inner self through sexuality, and the path of sex to experience the divine or God



Feelings. Feelings that a person carries from the past about body and body image, what to suppress and express, how to express emotions, and capacity for intimacy.



Sex is all about energy! The build-up, the containment, and the expression of energy. In my one-on-one work I observe energy patterns with the individual and with a partner (non-physical relationship dynamics are energy exchanges too) and I give coaching feedback for handling this often overlooked part of sexuality.


Men often present with more than one of these concerns because the problems are intertwined. For example, men with EE often suffer from ED because they lose and erection with too-rapid release.

Low of sexual Desires (LD)​

Earlier Ejaculation (EE)​

Erectly dysfunctions (ED)​

Delayed ejaculation (DE)​

Sexual inhibition (SI)​

Body dysphoria issues (BD)​

Social/dating skills deficit (SDSD)​

Desire for enhanced pleasure (EP)​

Sexual trauma (ST)​


Low or no sexual desires leads nearly every published list of women’s sexual concerns, with inability to reach orgasm in most or all their partner sex encounters ranking a close second.

Low or no sexual Desires (LD)​

Pre-orgasmic primary (unable to reach orgasm, either alone or with a partner)

Pre-orgasmic secondary (unable to reach orgasm with a partner)



sexual inhibition (Si)

Body dysphoria issues (BD)​


Desire for enhanced pleasure (EP)

Sexual trauma (ST)​

Discretion & Consent​

I appreciate your interest in working with me. Please know, I only meet with honest and open individuals with a genuine interest in pursuing a more soulful life experience. I ensure that any information you share along with what we speak of and create in our sessions are sacred, and therefore will be confidential.

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