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At its core tantra is about connecting with your own energy to establish a deeper understanding of yourself. Tantra is still first and foremost a personal practice of liberation, body knowledge and enlightenment. A woman’s spiritual essence is explored in all its magnificence. The female essence is unveiled through love, devotion and compassion, fuelled by sexual ecstasy and emotional flow, and based on trusting and heeding the messages given by our intuition.
Feminine Essence

Feel a deep transformational healing journey that is rooted in the energies of the Divine Feminine and tailored to your unique life and Soul experiences.

Feel Erotic Energy

One of the main reasons for lack of libido and arousal from an energetic standpoint is a lack of feeling and connection to the body.
To manifest your full sexual energy power, you have to surrender.
You must completely inhabit your body and be in the present. Your erotic energy is something to revere and consciously cultivate and be in touch with your body.

Orgasmic Potential

For many women the importance of orgasm is undeniable, their sexual experiences revolve around climax and sexual pleasure. For those who practice tantric massage, they have learned to realize their full orgasmic potential. Tantric massage encourages sexual energy to spread throughout the body, making it possible to experience multi-orgasmic states of the entire body that can last from a few minutes to several hours.

Release Blockages

Women store their emotion and trauma in the walls of the vagina. This can result in loss of sensation and lack of desire for sex. Tantra for woman, remove energetic or emotional obstacle that prevents your sexual energy from flowing freely throughout your body.

Enjoy the pleasure

How Tantra For woman works

Tantra for women

Sensitive Wellness works with 4 essential methods in conjunction with Tantra techniques may help you channel and bring more intimacy and connect on a deeper levelwith your body.

Tantric counseling: Before to start the massage we are gonna talk about how tantric massage works to removing any blockages in the body to open the way for more sexual energy flows through and the healing process.

Mindfulness breathing meditation: Relaxing the mind, without looking at the past, the memories, or looking at the future, allow to experience life in the present moment. In this way, we create a space in which ecstasy is free to grow. The right breathing technique also plays an important part in Tantra Massage. By changing the intensity and pace of breathing, especially if it follows a certain rhythm, we can influence the intensity and length of orgasm.

Ayurvedic massage: The ancient art of Tantra India Ayurvedic Massage is more than just a relaxing massage. This massage has been recommended by Tantric practitioners for its soothing/loving touch vs the more erotic/arousing style. A Tantric massage is a beautiful expression of love, however when a person has undergone severe trauma, the body needs to learn to relax again in order to calm the mind and eventually learn to trust; that is why a Tantric Ayurvedic massage is preferable before introducing any type of sensual Tantric massage/techniques.

Conscious touch: The conscious touch is a very powerful method of pure presence and connection, security and confidence that change the way your body understands pleasure. Making your body understand the messages and intuitions about feeling pleasure and have a great potential to deeply support and heal.


The therapist always ask you at the right time, during the massage, if you wish to receive or not the intimate touch. It is important that you decide according to what feels right for you in that moment.

If you choose to receive a Yoni massage, it will start with a gentle touch of the outer area of your Yoni, followed by a loving and respectful massage of the inner part of your Yoni. You are free to stop at any time.

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