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Workshop for couple


Tantra workshop for couple to dig deeper into intimacy combined the pleasures of transcendent consciousness with the charms of sexuality.
By getting an introduction into each of the modern sexuality – meditation and pleasure – you and your love will be taken on an exhilarating journey of tantric bliss.
Through my theoretical knowledge about Tantra techniques to encrease pleasure, as well as practical and experiential exercises designed to infuse the couples mind, body and spirit the true Tantra will be revealed to you.
Learn how to give a tantric massage to your beloved in this amazing news discovery Tantra workshop for couple.
Hot Tips for couple

Tantric lovemaking is all about being conscious. It involves setting up a beautiful sacred space with flowers, scents and lush fabrics, using breathing techniques, and enhancing all the senses through, for example, eye-gazing and massage. This creates a sense of the sacred and increases intimacy and spiritual connection with your partner – and the spirit within you.

Encourage your partner

The root of attraction, and especially erotic attraction in a relationship, is polarity (masculine and feminine, Yang and Yin) is a engine of the attraction that keeps the couple relationship in the flow of their love – the dance between masculine and feminine. In Tantra, it is known as the dance between Shiva and Shakti – the universal meeting between masculine and feminine.

Grow together

Experience relationship as a spiritual path and grow together, explore the delights of relationship, heal together, open to unconditional love and pleasure, and learn the communication of compassion.

Learn Intimacy

You and tour partner might be drawn to Tantra because you want to improve your sex life, or you might already have a juicy sex life but want to experience deeper connection with your partner, and to join up your spiritual life with your sex life. Maybe you’re just curious to find out more.

Tantric Lessons for Couple

Learning in Tantra Workshop for couple

This Tantric Workshop for couple it is completely different from our professional Tantra Massage Course. You will get personalised teachings of conscious touch, attitude in the massage, techniques of the tantra massage, learn to work with the energies and awaken eros to inspire your partner, love, passion and growth in your couple relationship.

Introdutions of Tantra 

  • Tantra the Art of Energy
  • The Beauty in Tantra
  • Sexual Energy
  • How Tantric Massage works
  • How the body reacts to Tantra

Second Lesson: The couple learn the a basic principle of tantric massage techniques and Tantric rituals to encrease ecstasy. Massage is a great way to teach the principles of Tantra without lovemaking, as experienced tantric therapist can facilitate channeling sexual energy throughout the couple bodies.


Third Lesson: The couple learn about t Lingam massage (male genital massage) and Yoni massage (female genital massage) and the basic principle about genital reflexology.


Fourth Lesson: You and your partner repeat everything each other and also receive new techniques, tips and exercises designed for you and your next steps as a couple. The teacher is more of a witness than a participant.

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