Energy Healing

For your body, mind and spirit

Reiki is one of the most sought after and most well-known holistic therapies in the holistic universe. It is a Japanese natural energy therapy widely used for stress reduction and body relaxation that calms the body, mind and spirit. It is also widely used for those suffering from stress or anxiety.
Reiki is a therapy that works as a complement to the action of any medical practice and that harmoniously adapts to any lifestyle.
Diagnosis for treatment

The Therapist does not make diagnoses with the patient, but integrates the treatment as a complementary way to the process of recovering the health of the recipient, in case the patient has some type of disease and for the cure of small daily illnesses, making it more agile and improvement process is effective.

How is it work?

Reiki is performed with the patient dressed, sitting or lying down. The session can last an average of 60min. The therapist approaches the hands to predetermined areas of the patient (head, trunk, arms, legs, feet) and channels the patient’s energy.
Reiki is transmitted by the specialized therapist through the laying on of hands without the need for any other instrument and is based on the concept that Reiki is an invisible universal energy that flows through us and is what makes us alive.

What can I feel?

During the Reiki treatment session, the patient may feel as if a wonderful flow of positive energy is passing through and around his body and at some specific points a warmth and relief. After therapy, the patient may feel a little dizzy, so it is recommended that the patient remains seated or lying with his eyes still closed, opening slowly until he regains full consciousness.

Treatment Benefits
  • Considerably reduces and relieves daily stress, Reiki balances the body bringing a deep sense of peace, relaxation, comfort and tranquility;
  • Helps in quick and complete recovery from various injuries;
  • It acts in the detoxification of organs important to the proper functioning of the human body, such as kidneys, liver, bladder and intestines;
  • Strengthens the immune system, preventing new diseases and infections from arising;
  • Fights insomnia and restores sleep;
Gratitute is peace

You owe yourself this moment

Feel your fear, doubt and anxiety drift away, Reiki help us clarify our priorities

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