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Since when this explosion of online content started, I’ve been thinking about how I can help people who don’t have access, for example, my face-to-face sessions at an affordable price.

However, there are many taboos about online Tantra content and its authenticity, so is it possible to learn Tantra online?

Certainly! Tantra is also a lifestyle, if you follow it and apply it in your life, you will learn many exercises, exclusive tips on how to direct your sexual energy for personal growth.

For example, in my Rituals, they are always guided by meditations, breathing exercises, among other techniques, and of course, they are exclusive content that you can learn online, for example.

I believe that approaching the topic of sexuality is the vital energy that invigorates us and inspires us to live, create and enjoy life’s moments as unique. The main intention of Tantra is to recognize all experiences as opportunities to access the Divine, even in the contrast of pain and pleasure.

So I decided to start updating OnlyFans to create exclusive content that is easy for everyone to access, so help me with your tips, what would you like to see? I would like to use the platform to authentically promote my work with Tantra and also be able to share experiences from my healing journey.

As a Tantrika, Yogini and Sex Coach, I help you maximize your pleasure through tantric flows and energy work! I work with individuals and couples and love helping people live FULL LIVES.

I offer unique tantric exercises for everyone who seeks to deepen their connection with themselves, through vulnerability and the cultivation of pleasure for healing.

If you want to connect with me deeply on an ongoing basis, I’ll still be offering a 1:1 session in person, and of course, now online as well.

Explore my website, it has lots of free and enlightening content, my Instagram also has exclusive tips.

Feel free to WhatsApp me with your suggestions for content.

Both virtual sessions will be scheduled via WhatsApp and in-person sessions only in Dublin. Visit my website at the link below for more information, and send me a message to learn about 1:1 engagement.

With love,
May Gonzalez

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