About Mandala Lunar

The Lunar Mandala is a diary/jounal with the purpose of facilitating a greater connection with our body and also with the earth and natural cycles, rescuing and uniting traditional and contemporary knowledge, art and self-knowledge into a healing and transformative tool for women. The Mandala is organized based on the union of the solar and lunar calendar, bringing greater connection and perception of the cycles that manifest themselves in nature inside and outside of us.

Moon cycle

A Moon Cycle is a complete cycle of the Moon, starting at the new moon and going through all its phases until the day before the next new moon. A Moon Cycle has 29 or 30 days, but the Moon’s cycles are not synchronous with the months of the Gregorian calendar, so a lunation usually starts in one month and ends in another. Each diagram is a lunation of the year 2024.

Mapping Menstrual Cycles

Record your menstrual cycle count. It starts on the first day of bleeding (bright red) and continues until the start of the next period, when a new count begins. The menstrual cycle lasts almost the same time as a lunation but very rarely do both cycles begin on the same day. Therefore, your cycle will almost always be divided into two diagrams. Draw a red line between two cycles to mark each new cycle.

Dive Deep in your self-knoledge

The diagrams are spaces to nurture research about yourself throughout each lunation. The captions you will create on your bookmark are born from this research into what you really want to observe in yourself — with courage, curiosity and compassion. What questions help you map your journey of self-discovery? What are the points in your life, personality, habits and relationships that you would like to illuminate and see better during each new lunation? You can use whichever way you want to create your subtitles. We will offer a suggestion with some examples below.

Create honest lists about:

  • Physical aspects that you would like to monitor in your body (menstruation, headache, appetite, hot flashes, tiredness, insomnia)
  • Habits that are getting in the way of your process or intentions (spending too much time on social media, using screens late at night, picking up the phone as soon as you wake up)
  • Your true motivations and interests
  • Your main emotional and mental challenges (hurt, aggression, fear, anxiety, procrastination)
  • Habits that help you relax, nourish and soothe (exercising, reading, dancing, expressing affection)
  • Qualities or values that you want to nurture in your life (lovingness, creativity, self-esteem, presence)
  • From your lists, select the aspects that you consider most important to study throughout this year or for a few cycles. Observe which aspects are specific and which vary in intensity.
  • Create the color legend and icons on your bookmark for the aspects you choose to study about yourself in your Lunar Mandala following the next guidelines.


For sensations and feelings that vary in intensity (lovingness, creativity, intuition, calm, fun, extroversion). The bookmark will be your guide: define a color for each sensation, color the corresponding space and write the meaning of that color. Keeping the same colors throughout the year makes it easier to compare your diagrams when reading later.


To mark occasional actions, habits or routines (meditation, walking, studying, dancing), occasional use of addictive substances (coffee, sugar, alcohol or tobacco), physical issues (cold, headache), emotions and sensations (happiness, sadness , fury, anxiety, creativity), actions or events (interpersonal conflict, contact with nature, sexual intercourse, important dreams). For those who menstruate, notes about the menstrual cycle (ovulation, cramps, breast pain). Your icon library will be built throughout the year.


Every day, take your bookmark and go to the current lunation page. Find the day you are on, place the bookmark next to it, aligning the rings and the caption. Ask yourself about the presence of each of these aspects that you chose to observe in yourself and color each ring with more or less intensity and/or draw the corresponding icons.

Revisit and gather information from your diagram

There are several ways to interpret your completed diagrams. In a simple way, you can observe:

  • Correlations: between how I felt, the cycles of nature and what I did.
  • Cyclical patterns: occurrences that repeat over a certain period of time
  • My story: seeing what was most alive for me in each moment.

Looking at a day’s notes allows you to see correlations between themes. How I’m feeling may be related to what I did today or in previous days. Analyzing a diagram allows us to perceive correlations between the themes of my study, the phases of the Moon, the menstrual cycle* and the fluctuations that may occur, whether subtle or intense. Comparing some diagrams allows you to perceive cyclical patterns, as well as observe which sensations, predispositions and actions (or lack thereof) are repeated in each lunar phase, month, season, period of the menstrual cycle* or other cycle that you experience.

Revisit and gather information from your diagram

Mandala is a customizable blank space for your needs. Just like each person, each Mandala is unique and there is no right way to do it. You can use each of the spaces available in the bookmark or just some of them; monitor physical, emotional and mental aspects (or just one of them) every day; Change the topic of your self-study whenever you feel the need, for example: evaluate your organization (schedules, rhythms, diet, sleep), monitor your fertility, your professional life, your physical health, your relationship with nature, etc. If you want, create a draft of your bookmark before writing directly on it, or write in pencil first.

The Lunar Mandala is a tool to be used when you feel the need. If the moment in your life isn’t asking
That’s fine with her!

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